The release process covers those activities involved with finalizing a version of software, packaging it for deployment, announcing it to the world, and cleaning up in preparation for the next release.

Release is the stage of the software development process between testing and deployment.


The Release Manager has primary responsibility for this process.

The Release Manager oversees the technical details of the release - version control, building, posting, etc.

Product Managers whose products are involved in a release are responsible for their products’ packaging and announcements of that release.

The Platform Manager is responsible for general packaging and announcements, and managing integration issues between the products.

Release Checklist

The following steps and products must be completed before this stage is complete:

  • version number updated wherever visible,
  • code in version control marked with version number,
  • final build,
  • final posting,
  • release portal page,
  • release notes,
  • public announcement,
  • customer announcement, and
  • hand-off to Production Manager.

The following documents must be updated as well:

  • user manuals,
  • upgrade documentation,
  • production documentation,
  • development documentation,
  • sales tools, and
  • marketing slicks.

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