The testing phase is concerned with unit, regression, use testing of a software release.


Testing is generally divided into these major test types:

  • feature testing - whether specific features work as designed,
  • bugfix testing - whether a bugfix has indeed fixed the associated bug,
  • integration testing - whether all products work together as a whole,
  • regresson - whether new bugs have appeared due to other changes, or old bugs reappeared,
  • usability - whether the software meets useability standards,
  • compatibility - whether the software works on all platforms and can be upgraded from the previous version, and
  • performance - whether the software meets performance standards.

As a module, feature, or other portion of the whole moves through testing, it goes through these subphases:

  • general correctness,
  • internal (aka alpha) testing, and
  • external (aka beta) testing,
  • final release testing.

Once all portions have gone through testing, the product as a whole is ready for the release process.

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