The deployment process covers those activities involved with deploying a new release of software, including new installations and upgrades of existing installations.

Deployment is the stage of the software development process between release and maintenance.


The Production Manager has primary responsibility for this process.


Generally deployment consists of these subphases:

  • preparation - planning and internal training,
  • initial deployment - to a small set of customers,
  • full deployment - to the bulk of customers, and
  • mop-up - finishing the last remaining customers.

Since testing may not catch all of the problems found during deployment, and since deployment documentation and tools may have to be adjusted based on real-world experience, it makes sense to deploy to a limited set of customers, then pause to reflect before continuing.

If problems do occur during initial deployment, this also prevents widespread distribution of those problems.


Generally, the Partner license and maintenance agreements specify that customers get access to new releases at no additional cost. However, Partner may charge for performing an upgrade or any other related services such as training or configuration.

Decisions on schedule, resources available, upgrade services required or recommended, and pricing should be made at the beginning of the deployment phase and, if necessary adjusted based as experience increases.

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