Welcome to the Partner Development Reference, the third and final manual in Partner’s development manual set.

The goal of this manual is provide easy access to the nitpicky details of the Partner Platform. Since computers are nitpicky by nature, these are very important details indeed.

It is composed largely of machine-generated low-level documentation derived from source code. Currently this only includes the JavaDoc API for the core Partner Platform and important modules. We may expand this in the future.

We hope you will find it a good companion to your development work.

This is a large and encyclopedic work, and we do not assume it will be read in its entirety or in any specific order. Instead, we expect that you will search or navigate directly to sections of interest.

It is highly recommended that you read and understand the Introduction to Partner Development and before using this manual, and that you also refer to the Partner Development Manual for design details and high-level documentation essential to understanding the material here.

Some understanding of Java is also necessary to navigating and comprehending this manual.

This manual is all tables, JavaDoc API, and similar bulk information. It is almost entirely generated.

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