Diagnostic Reports


Diagnostic reports and fixit-scripts are a generic facility, accessible via the platform API, the Help! program and the Workbench program.

This facility is available in both 4 and 4.5 branches, though some details may differ.


In both Help! and Workbench, a user may select Diagnostic Report and get an HTML report of the results of all diagnostic scripts on the system.

Any diagnostic tests which also supply a fixit script have a link that allows the user to run the script and resolve the issue automatically.


Diagnostic scripts can be placed in either config directories or in modules.

There are two types of scripts, tests and fixes.

In each case they go under the subpath system/diagnostic/.

So, they can be placed in:

  • config/FOO/system/diagnostic/tests/
  • config/FOO/system/diagnostic/fixes/
  • modules/FOO/BAR/system/diagnostic/tests/
  • modules/FOO/BAR/system/diagnostic/fixes/

Also, there are built-in tests. You can also use them as examples. Look in a v4 Partner installation under system/diagnostic/tests/ for some examples.

All test scripts have a “builder” predefined variable, which is an instance of com.partnersoft.help.model.HelpDiagnosticReportBuilder. See the API for this builder for details on usage.

Test scripts within modules also have a “module” predefined variable, as most module scripts do.

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