This Partner Development Manual is designed to cover Partner Software’s products and infrastructure, generally referred to as the Partner Platform and various product and support modules.

The three major code branches - 4, 4.5, and 5 - are covered, as is Partner on iOS. The current release versions of these are 4.14, 4.5.14, and iOS v1.8.

Some information addresses or is applicable to previous versions, but that is not the focus. See for other documentation, particularly in the Partner Wiki.

This document covers these abstract concepts:

  • architecture,
  • design,
  • implementation strategy, and
  • subsystem organization and relationships;

these more concrete topics:

  • data schemas and formats,
  • major subsystems and APIs,
  • network model and interactions,
  • coding standards, and
  • build, testing, and release procedures;

and how to accomplish tasks such as:

  • configuring and installation,
  • customizing behavior,
  • developing platform code,
  • developing extension modules,
  • integrating with Partner components from other systems,
  • embedding Partner components in other systems,

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