The vast majority of Partner Software’s platforms, infrastructure, and applications are written in Java and run in the standard edition (SE) of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Java was originally developed by Sun Microsystems. Sun was purchased by Oracle, and Java is now developed by Oracle.

Java is deployed to most computers in one of two packages. The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) has sufficient infrastructure for client applications, while the Java Development Kit (JDK) provides compilation and other development tools.

Java and the JRE are used in a variety of ways on computers, including use in server applications, client applications, and for web client applications running in a web browser environment. The JRE is typically installed as an operating system component. It often comes bundled with new computers, or can be installed specifically. Installations and updates are available from Oracle’s web site, at

Partner bundles its own copy of the JRE with all installations, in the subdirectory os/windows/jre. This is done for two reasons: to ensure that the version of Java used matches the one our software has been tested with, and to prevent conflicts with other applications which may require newer or older versions of Java to function properly.

This embedded JRE is used for all Partner applications with the sole exception of Partner Update, which is the application used to install and update Partner on client machines (including the embedded JRE). We use a facility called Java Web Start for the Update applications. Java Web Start is bundled with Java Applets as part of the Java Plug-In for browsers, installed as part of the JRE.

If the Java plugin is disabled on a computer, you will no longer be able to install or update Partner on that computer.

The embedded JRE is not used by the operating system or other programs. It is not used by web browsers, and therefore we do not consider it a security risk for browser or similar vulnerabilities.

There are two versions of Java for Windows computers - one for 32-bit architecture and one for 64-bit. You must install the correct one for your computer architecture and browser, or Partner Update will fail to work entirely.

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