Welcome to the Introduction to Partner Development, the first manual in Partner’s development manual set.

The goal of this manual is for you to learn and understand:

  • the history of Partner,
  • Partner’s focus and vision,
  • the types of applications Partner is best suited for,
  • the role of third-party and customer developers with respect to Partner,
  • the overall structure of the Partner System,
  • the various platforms that comprise it,
  • how applications and extensions are built, and
  • how simple it is to write a basic extension.

We hope to leave you emboldened and excited.

Much of this manual consists of tutorials. They are designed to be realistic but simple. Detailed descriptions of the technology involved is left to the Partner Development Manual and Partner Development Reference.

This is not a business book, but some description of business relationships for developers or service providers is included. Always feel free to contact us directly for details on business relationships.

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