Tutorial: Map Viewer Fundamentals


This lesson teaches you the fundamentals of the Partner Map Viewer, the face of the Partner Platform and the part most users will see. As this is a technical course and not just end-user training, we will explore both the user interface and also the configuration, data, and other files that drive it.

All examples will use a provided training demo installation. If you are already a Partner customer, map data and other details will vary from your own configuration.

You MUST first complete Tutorial: Installation and Update and Tutorial: Partner Workbench Basics before beginning this tutorial. Doing so ensures that you will have the training demo referenced, and that you are familiar enough with the Workbench to be able to use it to explore the filesystem.


  • system administrators and IT staff
  • power users
  • developers


  • become familiar with the Partner Map Viewer
  • learn the different components of the user interface
  • explore the file system and see where the pluggable components are stored
  • learn the basics of the mapset and module frameworks

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