Partner Platform Overview


The Partner Platform is a map application platform, based on a “fit client” architecture, focused on end user tasks, particularly on field tasks.

A comprehensive description of the Platform is available in the Preface section Partner Platform Technical Description. Please read that section now if you have not already.

Major Programs

The following major programs are included in the Partner Platform; in this course we will install and use most of them:

  • Map Viewer - the primary end-user client program,
  • Partner on iOS - the map viewer client for Apple iPads and iPhones,
  • Update - used to keep all installations up-to-date,
  • Help! - help and troubleshooting tool,
  • Hub - the server container program,
  • Partner Web - the web user interface,
  • Workbench - development and administration program, and
  • Map Publisher - builds and updates maps for all viewers.

Architectural Components

The Platform is built upon the following critical components:

  • Java - primary programming language and runtime,
  • system - overall management of program lifecycle,
  • log - fault-tolerant logging for program events,
  • filesystem - a strict and formally defined file organization for all installs,
  • modules - pluggable extensions to the core platform,
  • mapsets - pluggable interactive map viewing layers, and
  • update - infrastructure for installation and update.

We will discuss each of these as well.

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