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One of Partner Software’s primary goals is to provide quality software products that can be extended, sold, and supported by others. We wish to retain our focus on a limited set of markets and products. This provides a wealth of opportunity for other organizations to sell and support solutions based on our software, in electrical distribution and other markets.

The Partner Platform was designed for this from the very beginning. It can be embedded as part of a larger product, or you can develop modules for it and resell those.

Partner is very interested in developing and expanding our third-party channels and business partnerships.

We also have many customer-developers, who have built extensions to the Partner Platform to address their unique business needs.

This manual is not intended to address business concerns, so is just an overview of the possible relationships. Please contact Partner directly for more specific details and options.

Third-Party Business Roles

Third-parties may play one or more of the following roles:

  • Developer - builds software products that utilize the Partner Platform.
  • Reseller - sells Partner products, but does not necessarily support them.
  • Support - supports Partner products; generally in a “help desk” type of mode.
  • Service - sells services related to Partner products, such as training, configuration, and customization.


You must be licensed to use any Partner product, including the Platform. This includes use during development. Contact us for details.


Developer-level support is not included in normal product support contracts. Contact us if you would like a developer-level support contract.

Note also that Partner cannot support third-party software, even when it is installed on a Partner Platform system otherwise supported by Partner.


Certification allows Partner to establish which individuals and organizations are trained and competent in specific aspects of the software.

Certification may be required for certain business relationships, such as for licensed resellers or developers.


Customers and third-parties are generally welcome to attend our training classes and conferences. These are announced via the Partner website, along with schedules and pricing.

Both the Partner Website and the Partner Developer Portal have a wealth of information you can use in your work.

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